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How to Solve Your Home Decor Problems

Home Decor is an art and it does not naturally come to everyone. Ironically, everyone desires a well-decorated home that feels comfortable to the family members and leaves the visitors awestruck. Whether you are setting up your new home or redesigning an existing one, you’ll face similar dilemmas. So here we are with solutions to all your home decor problems.

Home Decor for Small and Cluttered Space

One of the biggest problems that one encounters when decorating a house is the feeling of a cramped-up space. Obviously, interior design cannot enlarge your room but it can surely make the place look more spacious and organized. This can be done in three small steps:

  1. Declutter the space by removing unnecessary things. Getting rid of excessive decorating items and furniture too is not a bad idea. 
  2. Get your walls painted in white or lighter shades of colors of your choice. The lighter color makes a place look bigger.
  3. Add a large mirror to the room. Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger and brighter space.

Finding the Perfect Position for artworks

People usually buy artworks for their living room or bedroom but then find it difficult to choose the right place to hang the beautiful artwork.

As a rule of thumb for deciding the height, the center of the artwork should be around 145 cms from the floor. This keeps the artwork at eye level. If you have a number of pictures that you want to arrange in a cluster, you should consider the cluster as one and decide the height accordingly. 

For choosing the correct wall for your artwork, look for the wall which does not already have something that attracts attention. Hanging a decorative artwork on the same wall with a television or a window is generally not a good idea.

Lighting a Dark Room

Natural lights are always better than artificial lights. They automatically make a room feel lively. But it does not mean that you have to live in a dull room if there’s no or little source of natural lights.

The first thing you need to do is get the room painted in white. You should install ambient (overhead) lights to fill the gap of natural lights.

Adding mirrors and other shiny decorative pieces to the room will make it a livelier place.

Displaying Souvenirs and Travel Memorabilia in Limited Space 

Every non-minimalist person deals with this issue – too little space and too many things.

If you love collecting souvenirs and memorabilia we won’t ask you to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Live the way you love. But, displaying all your souvenirs at once will make your showcase cluttered and none of your prized possessions will get their deserved attention. 

Instead of displaying all your souvenirs at once, divide them into several groups. Display one group of souvenirs and store the other ones. Display different groups of souvenirs on a rotational basis. You can do this monthly. Every time you change your display item your showcase will get a fresh look.

Decorating Walls of a Rented Home

For someone living in a rented house, home decor is a big issue as there are many imposed restrictions. Don’t worry. You can still decorate your home even if you can’t make big changes like painting the walls or putting nails for big artworks, wall hangings or mirrors. 

Wall stickers and decals are the cheap and best solution for making your wall interesting without painting them. You can easily remove the stickers without doing any harm to the paint on the wall. There are many artistic ways to decorate your room by leaning artworks against the wall instead of hanging them. You can also explore the options of floating shelves and showcases.

Decorating a Bookshelf 

Do you think your bookshelf is making your living room look dull and a little boring? No need to move it away! In fact, your bookshelf can become a point of attraction for your living space if you arrange it well.

The first step is to arrange the books neatly and properly. After that, you can add some accessories and artwork to complement your collection of books. Small frames with quotes from big personalities can also give a nice facelift to your bookshelf.

The Bland Monotonous Look

Many people make the mistake of buying everything of almost the same color or tone thinking that matching furniture, accessories, and decorations will look good. Everything looks quite beautiful separately but together they give the entire house or room a monotonous look.

If you’ve already made this mistake, we can give you a few tips to set things right. You can add some extra throw pillows of different colors and shapes to change the look of your sofa. Adding a big painting with vibrant colors can also change the mood of the room.

Choosing the Right Color for the Walls

Last but not the least, choosing the right color for the walls is a big challenge.

If the size of your room is small or if you have too much furniture in your house or if you don’t get enough sunlight in your house, get your walls painted white. You do not need to look beyond white.

If you are very keen on any other color you can get accessories of that color or maybe get the accent wall painted in that color. If you have a large, spacious and naturally lighted home you can choose colors based on their psychological effects. 

But if you are using any dark or warm colors make sure to combine them with a neutralizing color. 

It’s a good idea to decorate your home on your own. But, if you feel stuck or confused even after reading the solutions to the common home decor issues, there’s nothing wrong in consulting a professional home designer. You can sit with them and plan the details of your home decor. Your home needs to feel welcoming and comforting to you, your family members as well as the visitors.