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Facts About Wall Decor That'll Knock Your Socks Off

There’s no denying that wall decor is one of the most important elements of modern home decor. They make a room feel complete, polished, and stylish. You can transform your room from plain and boring to fun, exciting, and inviting with just a piece of well-thought out wall art. 

If you are someone interested in wall decor, you’ll certainly enjoy reading some amazing facts about wall decor. 

What is wall decor and why is it used to decorate walls indoors?

The term “wall decor” is a shortening of wall decoration. Although a wall can be decorated in multiple ways, in the contemporary times, wall decor has come to be known as the act of beautifying walls with paints, objects and often, wallpaper. So, here are some facts about wall decor that’ll knock your socks off!

Wall Decor has been in Vogue since Pre-historic time 

However surprising it may sound, wall decor isn’t something of recent origin. Most of us might presume that the concept of home and wall decor is a modern concept. But, even when people lived in caves they decorated their walls with paintings, animal skins, tree branches, and other such wall hangings. 

Read about early civilizations, you’ll find details of cave paintings and murals made by people of that age. 

Wall paintings, animal skin, and fur hangings were used by prehistoric people to make themselves feel at home in their personalized caves. even when they moved to a settled life in huts and other man-made enclosures, they didn’t leave behind the practice of decorating their walls. 

Wall decor has moved very far from cave paintings to murals on mud houses to life-size portraits in palaces to huge varieties of modern-day wall decors.  

Wall Decor Trends Vary from Country to Country and from Time to Time

Today we are living in a globalized world that is more integrated than ever before. We no more need to rely solely on locally made goods. 

Today you can buy things from the other side of the globe sitting on your cozy couch. 

Still, there is a vast difference in wall decor trends from country to country. It is basically because of the difference in climate, economic conditions, level of technological advancements, customs, culture, and beliefs, etc. of the countries. 

Interestingly, the home decor trends do not only vary from one country to the other but also change over a period of time. What is trendy in one country today may become a trend in another country five years later. In some countries, the recent trend might be leaning towards minimalism while maximalism, with floral wallpapers and intricately printed wall art, is in trend in America. 

Wall Decor Made with Natural Materials Last Longer 

You might know that natural materials are in trend for making and designing modern decor. But, you should also know that  decor and furniture made of natural materials last longer than those made of artificial materials like plastics, laminate, and faux leather. 

We have been using most of the things made out of artificial materials for many day-to-day requirements, so  it is hard to believe that natural materials are the better option not only for the environment but for the longevity of our products as well.

Home decor made of natural materials like bamboo, stone, hemp, cork, cotton, and clay are in vogue. Demands for home accessories made of these eco-friendly materials are rising all over the world. Not just this, handmade decorative items are surpassing the demand for factory-made items because the former come with a personal touch.   

People Judge You by Your Wall Decor

You might have heard that a person’s entire personality can be judged by looking at his or her shoes. Similarly,, onlookers create a perception about the owner by looking at their wall decor. 

Whether you are inviting someone to your home or posting a picture on social media with your wall decor visible in the background… you’ll be judged. Your choice of the wall decor reflects a lot about your personality, personal taste, economic status, social standing, and much more. 

Keeping a bare wall may send the message that you are boring or unapproachable. Wall decor made of natural materials may reflect your leaning towards nature. Be careful in choosing the color, design, and material of your wall art if you don’t want to be judged negatively by your guests or by people looking at your pictures.

Mirrors are Timeless Wall Decor items

Different varieties of wall decor trends may come and go but one thing will never change – the importance of mirrors! Many of us will not even think about the mirror as a piece of wall decorating item. But, ask an interior decorator and you’ll know mirrors are timeless wall decor items that make a space look bigger and shinier. 

Elsie De Wolfe, the first interior decorator of America, wrote that mirrors and sunshine should be part of every room. Most of the interior decoration styles developed by Wolfe are no longer relevant but no trend can make sunshine and mirrors irrelevant at any point in time. Choose wall decor as per your taste and local trends but don’t forget to include mirrors in your overall home decoration.

Victorian Style is the most well-known and Researched Interior Decorating Style 

Why are we talking about interior decoration style rather than wall decor? It is because wall decoration was the biggest trend in Victorian interior decoration style. Wallpapers with elaborate floral, leaf, and vine patterns that are still loved by many find their root in the Victorian style. Placing decorative objects on just about every surface too was an important aspect of Victorian decoration. Beautiful fabric drapes on every window too was a part of Victorian-style wall decoration.

Wall arts and photo frames became a part of every wall during the Victorian era. With the newly introduced photography and printing techniques it became easier to have paintings of nature and portraits of family and relatives. These photo frames were hung on almost every wall in carefully arranged layouts.   

By discovering these facts about wall decor, you’ll certainly be able to appreciate the beauty as well as the importance of wall decor in creating the ambiance of a house or a commercial building.