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Time to go Organic

It's high time that we start taking care of our mother nature; else, the deadly consequence will ruin us all very soon. With loads of chemicals we have been using to grow crops, not only the soil, but our health is getting affected too. Moreover, the small organisms that take after in soil are getting killed, thereby destroying the complete ecosystem. It's time to switch our modes to organic things rather than the ones that have been made from chemicals, dyes, and all other artificial things. Organic cotton is one such initiative that we should consider towards making our environment safe for us and our future generations. Cotton that is grown without using artificial chemicals or dyes is referred to as Organic cotton. This is safe for soil and the environment and proves to be safe for our skin. Something so useful in all aspects should be the priority for all.
On the other hand, conventional cotton is grown using chemicals that do not prices to be safe for anyone around. Let's pledge to go organic, which won't demand much from us, but a small step from outside can be a lifesaver for many organisms. No wonder organic products might cost you a few pennies extra, but those are worth spending for a healthy living. September is celebrated as an organic month just to let the world know the importance of organic farming. While farmers use chemicals for excellent and fast growth of crops, unaware of how much destruction they are making to the environment. Educating the growers is the first step towards getting organic. Second, comes the role of buyers where they should know what mistake they are competing when they neglect to get organic. Let’s getting Organic be a choice! Let each one of us understand how important it is to save our mother earth.